5 Things to Think About When Considering Cosmetic Treatments

1. What do you want to treat?

Whether you are considering improving wrinkles, volume loss, skin texture, etc, it’s important to have a goal when thinking about treatment – you don’t want to be shopping when you’re hungry and buy something you don’t necessarily want!

2. Maintenance

Just like you need to go to the gym regularly to get good results, cosmetic treatments require an investment of your time. Daily skin care routines, botox every 3 months, filler every ~6-9 months, sculptra annually, etc. It always makes sense to start with a small change in your life – i.e. using moisturizer and sunscreen daily, and then move up from there. Big changes are found in small steps!

3. Products

You read over labels and only buy the best for your home and family. So, don’t settle for imitation/cheap products when it comes to your beauty. There are a lot of discount products on the market and treatments aren’t some knock-off purse that nobody is going to notice! This is something that is being put in your body – don’t settle for anything but top quality products with a long history of safety.⠀

4. Who is going to treat you?

Would you have your annual physical exam or dental check-up in a basement? Why do we accept this for cosmetic medical treatments? You are paying for expertise and management of complications – a dermatologist, facial plastic surgeon, or general plastic surgeon has the knowledge and skill to deliver top quality results and take care of you if something doesn’t go right. It’s important to recognize that these are medical treatments and there are inherent risks. You want an expert.⠀

5. Risks

You wouldn’t go on a roller coaster without safety restraints would you? Medical treatments require a discussion of risks and more importantly a game plan should something go wrong. Beyond the simple risks, you need to know the serious risks and ensure that your provider has the knowledge, skills, and plan to ensure your safety.

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